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Top 4 Ways to Leverage the Twitter Ads API

4 Ways To Leverage The Twitter Ads API

The Twitter Ads API is a powerful tool that offers limitless potential for automating digital advertising workflows. Supercharge your ads by leveraging the Twitter Ads API in these four ways:

1. Event Driven Campaigns

Trigger campaigns based upon predefined events. For example, launch a campaign when a certain sports team wins, or advertise a latte when temperatures drop below freezing in a given area. Subscribe to any event imaginable in order to start, stop, or scale ads based upon the outcome.

2. Algorithmic Optimization

Stop wasting time with excel spreadsheets, and automatically scale your ads based upon the tried-and-true scaling rules that you’ve always used. Harness the power of predictive models and machine learning algorithms to allocate budgets to winning campaigns.

3. Creative Asset Management

Launch high volume ad creatives at scale. Convert your extensive library of video and image assets into high performing ad creatives. For example, expand your advertising reach with existing video from other ad platforms, and automatically attaching them to preroll video ads for the Twitter Ads platform.

4. Custom Analytics & Reporting

Gain control over your Twitter Ads data by bringing it in house. Visualize ad performance with custom graphs and charts. Create dashboards to see your ad metrics alongside the most relevant numbers to your business. Share ad data in a variety of collaborative formats, such as CSV files and PDF reports. Give your accounting department ad spend metrics without them accessing your ad accounts.

Would you like to know more about what you can do with the Twitter Ads API? Great, because I’d love to chat and hear what you’re up to.